We are looking for aDatabase Developer/Analyst

As a Database developer, you will be in charge of the data of our clients, and reporting of their campaigns.


You will create database models, write SQL queries and Stored procedures to understand our client database and performances our their campaigns. You will create dashboards, implement data loaders, create syncs between system, and exports...


  • You mother tongue is SQL
  • You are organised and have an eye for detail
  • You a killer in spreadsheets
  • You are familiar with one or more visualization tools
  • You always have an eye on reporting and campaign results.
  • You are familiar with descriptive statistics; mean, median, mode, cohorts, histograms, time series, etc.
  • You like to analyse result and propose recommandations

Rise and Shine is a data-driven marketing agency, specialised in traffic generation, audience engagement, and conversion to sales. Its portfolio includes D’Ieteren, HP, Highco DATA, AXA, Brico & BricoPlanit, Brantano, Bellerose, Tom&Co, Takeda, vacature.com and many more.


You will be joining a young and fast growing company with a no-nonsense mentality, operating in a high-tech environment. We have a strategy, and it’s called “Making it happen”. You will be given real responsibilities and hence, have every opportunity for rapid professional development. Grab the opportunity to learn from experienced data marketers, build your own personal vision and have true impact on the market and the industry.

Let’s work together !

You're the boss

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