Forget about these 8 Facebook practices

Forget about these 8 Facebook practices

As a social media platform being a fair field to fight for prospects’ loyalty, businesses presence on the social network Facebook is no subject for questioning. Unfortunately, a rewarding marketing strategy requires more than this. Companies experiment endlessly, and their ROI suffers ups and downs.

We are ready to share here some cards up our sleeve to help you perform high above the pit of fallen practices!


The contrast in features provided by businesses is getting faded. The difference in service packs provided by competitors is barely noticeable, if it still is. The only way to rise above the grayscale crowd is to bump your brand identity by being personal. Companies are run by people, so are the corporate pages on platform. Personal aspect makes the whole difference by evoking a hub of associations revolving around your brand. Particular people appeal with their charisma, so do particular companies.


First of all, Facebook is a social community where you boost engagement by interacting with users. Secondly, it’s a last platform to push your sales straightaway. Share your experience instead, help and educate. If you’re doing well, another immense source of lead generation is ready to fill in your sales funnel.

Finally, getting back to our sheep at Buyer’s Journey. Facebook is a perfect platform for nurturing. But think again, whether it’s a ripe time for deals.
Facebook’s priority function is communication, so get the most of it.



You restlessly build and update your customer segments? Your prospects have done this for you already! Facebook groups connect people with particular interest and needs. In other words, it’s a self-filtered and constantly refined community. Group members are self-driven problem solution seekers. Imagine your future conversion rates after interacting with the segment.
Not to mention the brand exposure you get within the targeted range of your industry.


Facebook will help you forget the feeling of being guilty after having bombarded prospects with question forms. All demographic data about your prospect is exposed on their personal page, moreover their behavioral patterns beyond your website reveal even more. Why should ethical question even take place, if you have established strong bonds with prospects and what they get from you on Facebook is obviously insufficient.

Get ready to extend your marketing analytics beyond the company website.


Users need to be sure there is a human behind a keyboard, not a mass-typing machine. Helpfulness of your content should always be followed by individuality. Otherwise, your voice will be lost in noise.

Consistency evokes feeling of loyalty in readers’ consciousness. Especially, being consistent in thoughts and style of interpretation. Readers instantly get used to engaging content and can easily read whether the author was replaced. 
This fact puts companies outsourcing copyrighting resources under pressure. Share your goals and vision with copyrighting team to align their content style.



You have an eye blink time frame to catch readers’ attention. But right away, few minutes determine whether you won their heart or burnt the bridges forever after.
Catchy titles are a powerful tool to generate CTR. But along with that you are creating users’ excessive expectations. Make sure your content is powerful enough to fulfill users’ curiosity.

When the gap between your content quality and promising title is unbearable, you won’t be able remove the aftertaste of disappointment. Make sure to back up your statements and meet readers’ expectations.


It is tempting to replicate successful communication practices onto every distribution channels. The dilemma lies not only in technical aspect of character limitations and size variations of visuals.

Facebook is quite welcoming for diverse content type and format. But can you imagine yourself sharing a batch of “Cute puppies” pictures on your LinkedIn feed?

Users are present on multiple platforms. But take into account that each channel fulfills their diverse demands. So should your content. Keep the core idea you want to tell your prospects, but adjust the format and tone of your storytelling.



Sound to be a powerful tool for viralizing your brand exposure, the results are disappointing in long term. Getting back to our sheep, Facebook is not a sales platform, as users after-login main purpose is not buying your product or services.

Overloading users with simultaneous spam-shares and landing pages won’t upraise your credibility. Moreover, such desperate act of putting pressure instantly demolishes the relationships with your prospects you were cultivating for so long.

There are risks of having a fair share of treasure hunters taking part in your contests. They are likely to switch to another freebies contest as soon as possible. Obviously, the talk is not about loyalty gain or their direct interest in your product. And you can never get a guarantee that your contestants profiles are credible.

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