How to boost your email open rates?

How to boost your email open rates?

In course of time, databases are subject to gaining a certain share of dead cells. Which means, a specific segment of your email contacts are fully insensitive to any changes in your communication strategy. In fact, not only you have zero response rate from them, your email campaigns are in danger of getting to spam folders.

In general, the main reason of the shrinking response rate is wrong targeting strategy. But first, check whether the following points in our check list are covered:

- Your email lists are segmented and updated;

- Your content is relevant;

- Your content is unique and brings value;

- Your content is diverse in formats and structure;

If our check list fully represents your strategic footprints, then now is the time to reanimate your dead segment!
Set up criteria to tell whether a particular contact is “dormant”.
Your industry domain and emailing density define for how long a recipient needs to have zero email open-rate to be classified as inactive. Contacts with no website visits, purchases and services usage for wide time frames are being subject to a dead segment.


Automated categorization

Set up your reanimating campaign with if-then-else framework. Once condition is satisfied, customer is classified as inactive. Let’s say a customer haven’t been using your food delivery services for 2 months. The contact should be placed to “inactive group” while, from now on, being subject to revitalizing campaign instead of ordinary.

Sub-classify your “dormants”

Introduce in-depth sub-segments based on behavioral patterns on website and purchase history. Particular contacts will receive diverse revitalizing offers.

Customers with a purchase history would appreciate complementary offer under special conditions. Meanwhile, hesitating prospect should be reminded about your company’s existence and care.
Notification emails come first to mind! Best way to wake up your snoozing contact. Make the interaction buzz by opting on emotional aspect. But always leave your prospect a choice.
As an example, in your footer, inform your prospects that they will no longer be subscribed to your newsletters, if they won’t follow the link within X time period. Improve their comfort level by letting them choose a preferable email delivery frequency.

Take a risk by being honest

Ask your prospects a straightforward question why they are not reading your emails. Have you inaccurately classified your contact? Try out interactive quizzes to find out in which topics, products and services are mostly compelling for your prospects. Use acquired insights for further segmentation.This preventive measure works best for the segment which still opens your emails, meanwhile, having low CTR rates.

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