Is your prospect on linkedin ?

Is your prospect on linkedin ?

Advertising on LinkedIn can significantly benefit your business. With over 467 million members worldwide, it is one of the most popular social networks regarding active users. It’s also one of the world’s fastest growing social networks, and has seen steady growth over the years – almost tripling since the beginning of 2012.

There are 106 million active users per month on the site, with two new members joining per second – which leads to 1 million new LinkedIn users every 12 days on average. With this kind of impressive growth, it’s clear that this is a platform your company should be embracing.

LinkedIn is growing rapidly all over the world; even in Belgium & France – in fact, 70% of LinkedIn users live outside of the U.S.  


LinkedIn fills a very specific niche, which gives you a very specific audience to work
with: working professionals and graduates. People on LinkedIn already knew what
they were after when they signed up: to promote their skills and climb the corporate ladder.

Having such a big and highly targeted audience means you can easily connect with decision makers. Advertising on other social media platforms such as Facebook can get vague at some point, and you can lose track of where your intended market is going. According to Econsultancy, LinkedIn users are four times more likely to visit your website than Facebook users.


To ensure your ads appear to a relevant audience, you need to choose the appropriate targeting options. Here are some of the options on LinkedIn:

  • Job titles: Within LinkedIn’s job title targeting section, there are three different options to choose from: function, seniority, and title.
  • Location: This option allows you to target people based on where they live (country, province, and city).
  • Skills: You can target your audience based on the skills they provide on their LinkedIn profile.
  • Groups: This option allows you to target potential customers based on the LinkedIn groups they’re in.
  • Demographic/core audience: Target your potential customers based on gender, age, location, behaviours, etc.


LinkedIn has a number of different advertising formats, including:

  • Sponsored content: This allows you to increase visibility to followers and reach people who are not currently followers of your company page.
  • Sponsored InMail: Reach your audience by delivering valuable content to their LinkedIn inboxes.
  • Display ads: This option allows you to run desktop display campaigns.
  • Text ads: You can create your own ads through LinkedIn’s self-service advertising platform.


Each of the advertising formats has its own reporting dashboard that allows you to analyse the performance of your LinkedIn company page, measure ROI, and track conversions. However, all reporting and data on all social media platforms come together in Google Analytics or Hubspot.

If your company is not using LinkedIn, you’re missing out on some great networking and marketing opportunities. It’s the most popular network for working professionals, and it’s google.

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