Is your prospect on twitter?

Is your prospect on twitter?

Twitter was created in March 2006, and on the 21st of that month, Jack Dorsey (one of the creators) sent out the first ever tweet. Since that very first tweet, the platform has been consistently ranked as one of the most popular social network sites worldwide, and it has racked up some pretty impressive facts and figures over those years.

While Facebook tends to dominate the social media scene these days, Twitter provides an excellent media platform from which to distribute all kinds of content like blog articles and is also a great way to directly connect and communicate with your customers.

According to statistics compiled by the company themselves, they currently have 313 million active monthly users, and to date 1.3 billion accounts have been created worldwide. Internet Live Stats shows that around 6000 tweets are sent per second, which is 500 million tweets per day. These crazy statistics show that it is an effective social media platform, and with around 80% of users entering the site from mobiles – it is incredibly accessible. Brand Watch has compiled an article that shows you the best Twitter stats for 2016.

Twitter is also huge in countries like Belgium, although you are unable to get the exact number of users, there seems to between 639 000 and 960 000 members in the country. Stats being provided by, a real-time platform, shows there have been 14 330 tweets sent out in just the last 24 hours.


The demographics for users vary from platform to platform, and this means that your target market and user profiles on Twitter are going to be different to those on Facebook or LinkedIn. Twitter is popular among digitally advanced professionals, technology lovers, geeks, but also opinion makers, politicians, celebrities and journalists.

When it comes to age, Twitter is undoubtedly a younger generation tool, with 37% between the ages of 18 to 29 active users, compared to only 10% of 65-year-olds (56% of this age bracket use Facebook). 30% of all college graduates use the platform compared to 16% of those that never made college.

The 140 character limit found on the platform makes it more important to create catchy, concise tweets for your followers compared to those found on Facebook, and an essential factor to remember when using Twitter for your business is that followers can contact you directly and they almost always expect a relatively speedy response.


Twitter has tons of really great targeting options to help you reach the right people that include things like followers, remarketing, keywords, hashtags, tailored audiences, geography and demographic characteristics. These give you some really great options to ensure that your segmentation is effective and you get the right message to the right people.


The primary formats for advertising on Twitter are known as Twitter Cards. Each card can have a custom-based campaign or objective-based campaign and the eight different cards that you can choose from are:

  • App Card
  • Gallery Card
  • Lead Generation Card
  • Photo Card
  • Player Card
  • Product Card
  • Summary Card
  • Website Card

Each card comes with conversion tracking, and you will be able to trace statistics of each tweet on your tweet activity dashboard, get your month-to-month statistics on your homepage report card and learn more about your followers’ demographics and behaviours through your audience insights dashboard.

Although each section has a different dashboard, ultimately all the reports and statistics come together in Google Analytics or Hubspot, which provide a centralised database for you to easily view all of your essential data.

As you can see, Twitter is an important platform to use in order to reach your unique target market and the stats prove that businesses using it are doing so to good effect.

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