R+S - Hello World!

R+S - Hello World!

Brussels, May 4th 2015 –Today Michel Demoor and Jean Durand announced the start of Rise + Shine Agency. As experienced former Emakina-experts in digital strategy, marketing automation and CRM, they bring an unfair share of Belgium’s digital talent to the market.

Rise + Shine is already up and running, with first client projects ongoing and therefore looking for new ‘wide awake’ colleagues to join their movement for data-driven top results.


‘Rise + Shine’ invites businesses to wake up and make a fresh start in digital marketing. Companies have a website and other owned media, but they still struggle with traffic generation, audience engagement, and conversion to sales in dealerships and shops. We can easily fix this. 

Consumers expect a more personal touch, an approach we find in sales & CRM rather than marketing. Instead of counting eyeballs, we better start thinking of finding quality prospects, nurturing our leads and growing existing clients. Today unfortunately, it is still marketing by numbers. It is traditional ATL applied to a new technology. Find. Engage. Forget...

Luckily, the future is bright for companies who apply their sales culture to digital investments. Rise + Shine connects sales tactics to digital marketing: we make our target audience feel important thanks to client profiling and fast follow-up on their individual actions. We build consumer programs that match proven sales tactics from B2B & CRM technology with clever consumer marketing. We see spectacular and fast results in all our previous projects. 


Your website is not at the core of your digital strategy. The consumer and its data are. Rise + Shine is a data-driven marketing team, building exciting relationships bottom-up. The consumer and his data are at the core of digital strategies that work. The focus of the new agency is on optimizing the digital sales & marketing flows, based on individual consumer profiles, B2B and B2C.


Michel Demoor: “Rise + Shine brings the cherry of a big cake agency… without the digestive overhead issues. Companies should team up with us if they want to move forward. For example, we plan all our meetings in the morning in order to actually work during the day. Consequently, we can show first results by EOD. That’s what we believe in: action. Companies who are really serious about their digital sales and marketing future are welcome. It is great to team up with them and make things happen. Also, digital talent convinced of this approach should contact us, we’re hiring.”

Jean Durand adds: “Every marketer we meet is blown away by the new opportunities we can offer combining strategy & technology. Basically, we are programming consumer journey programs. We can make our clients’ clients feel important, and this way you not only succeed in digital marketing, you succeed in business.”


Jean Durand and Michel Demoor start Rise + Shine with each an impressive ‘experience capital’, of over a decade of top digital projects.

Michel Demoor: STRATEGY

Michel, consultant in strategy for digital sales and marketing, worked on numerous clients in all business industries; automotive, pharmacy, banking, institutional, production, telecom, FMCG, consumer electronics and many more…. Like a Swiss knife, sharp and all-round, he gained deeper expertise in social & direct marketing as the strategic lead of the teams. As the former president of the Vlerick Marketing Alumni, he’s organizing business events and in his free time he kicks ass in any racket sport of your choice.


Jean, a passionate engineer originating from Toulouse, managed applications for BNP Paribas, achieved great results as Project Manager for the European Commission, and Emakina, where he managed the award winning MySamsung web project and had a hand in top CRM- solutions for Audi, VW and SNCF. Jean is meticulous, planned and hands-on. When his hands are not stroking the keyboard of his mac, they ‘re probably holding a glass of premium French wine.

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