Ready for your very first omnichannel campaign...?

Ready for your very first omnichannel campaign...?

Smart move from the Christelijke Mutualiteit (Health Insurance in Belgium).

The CM has sent me a postal letter saying that since some time I’m not reactive to their Email communication anymore.

Even more, they fear that my account has been suspended and I might be missing out on important information -which is actually the case here...

This is the perfect schoolbook example of OmniChannel Marketing.

When your cheapest and fastest channel seems to fail in reaching out to a specific individual, it’s about time to escalate to a more expensive channel.

Here, the CM has done a good job in reaching out to me in person (mind the personalized fields on the letter below), without having to make this cost for millions of their users and clients

At R+S we have labeled this strategy OmniChannel Escalation Marketing

It’s a pretty simple strategy really; we monitor the reactivity of ONE individual and we escalate from a fast and cost-effective medium such as Email to a slower and more expensive postal letter ONLY when necessary (see image above).

Doing so, we personalize the approach and reach a maximum of impact with a minimum of cost. Read: There is a minimal amount of waste in time and money.

And as an innovative marketer this is exactly what you must be looking for.

How to get started?

Now, for your company to start applying this strategy, you need...

  • A proper marketing automation software allowing you to track individual behaviour (eg. Marketo, Hubspot, Selligent...) 

  • To define the escalation flows or scenarios (ie. Being irresponsive to one channel needs to activate another channel)

  • The communication assets in multiple channel formats (eg. Email design, Postal letter design, Call center + storyboard)

  • Monthly reporting on the success of the flows

  • A healthy desire for smart marketing in which we are thrifty with our most precious resourcesing.

Let’s work together !

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