Social media trends to follow in 2018!

Social media trends to follow in 2018!

As we all know, the importance of social media continues to grow, it is now more than half (55%) of the world population who is a social media user.From micro-influencers to chatbots passing through new instant messaging services, here are the trends you'll need to follow throughout this year!


Invented by Snapchat in 2011, then used by most social media networks such as InstagramFacebook or Whatsapp. Stories are photos or videos who last for a few seconds on the platform of choice. But what is the point?

As a marketer, stories allow you to publish promotional content without having to pollute your main pages. In addition, they have the advantage of being less intrusive in the everyday life of your target. Indeed, this content does not appear in the newsfeed as it can be seen on Facebook, but in a separate section, that the user has carefully selected.


What is a micro-influencer? Unlike a macro-influencer, the micro-influencer is distinguishes itself by the presence of a much smaller community (Instagram, YouTube, etc.). While the macro-influencer will have up to 1 million followers, the micro-influencer will have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers.

The lack of interest of Internet users when confronted with traditional advertising has pushed brands to find a new method in order to reach more and more people. It is true that the macro-influencers initially made it possible to drastically increase the viewability and reach of certain brands.

However, it was the engagement rate that makes it more difficult, even though many people had been affected, the audience was poorly targeted, not increasing the brand's commercial performance.

Opposed to macro-influencers, micro-influencers have the opportunity to spend more time communicating with their followers. They focus on topics that are close to them, making them experts from the standpoint of their community. It is this proximity that will generate a higher engagement rate.

Indeed, according to Merkely's study based on 800,000 Instagram users, the average like rate for macro-influencers is only 1.8% versus 8% for micro-influencers.


In the same influence marketing sphere, whether it’s on YouTube or other social networks, video remains a powerful engagement generator. It has the ability to share emotions to the public, videos on unboxing are a perfect example.

And because the viewers are more and more fond of educational content, tutorials are still among the most watched media contents on the Internet!Explain how to use one of your products or services to increase your visibility to your audience. And more than this, why not suggest a link to your blog to encourage people to find more answers at the end of the video?


If you follow the news on a regular basis, you might have noticed the growing number of instant messaging softwares on the market. Notably, the giant Whatsapp just exceeded the 1.3 billion users, followed by Facebook Messenger and WeChat (which we like to call the "Chinese Whatsapp").

Companies have understood the importance and the power of these massaging apps and they use them for different purposes:

  • Improving their customer service: being able to act as a S.A.V with the customers, the apps offer for example the possibility of putting your question directly to the brand.
  • "Mobile Newsletter": on apps such as Whatsapp, you can create an updates feed, like the BBC did with Ebola.
  • Marketing tool for sales: if your application can be used for your news, it can obviously be used to promote your new products or your discounts.
  • Inhouse communication tools: for example Deliveroo delivery service that makes food delivery by bike. These use the famous but controversial Telegram as an inhouse app and also for the shippers (bikers) and the managers.


It is a software capable of simulating a conversation with a person through voice or text exchange. Despite the appearances, nowadays, you only need 10 min to set up a chatbot on your social networks or your site, many platforms offer this service.

But why choose this type of technology?

  • To reply your visitors' questions 24 hours a day, saving you time when answering questions such as “what is the delivery time?”, “the cost of return?” and so on;
  • You differentiate yourself from your competitors: even if the chatbot gets more and more popular, it is a good opportunity to be creative and inventive; combine the useful with the pleasant by creating messages that answer questions with a humour note!
  • Carry out a survey of your visitors: Are you wondering why some pages had a high bounce rate? Why not set up your chatbot in a way to find out what your website visitors thinks about it?

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