The AI made at R+S: Artistic Intelligence

The AI made at R+S: Artistic Intelligence

Making a design is one thing, but making a design that generates conversion is something else. Today, we talked to our pépite designer Paul Maria to find out more about what artistic intelligence refers to.

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Paul Maria : Despite what AI usually stands for, there is nothing artificial in what we want to bring to consumers. We have a customer-centric DNA and all our creative productions are conceived to simplify the user’s experience.Nowadays, users don’t want to be confronted with promotions or pushy proposals to consumption.

"They look for inspiring, impactful and relevant content above all."

F.H.: What is the purpose of this artistic approach?

P.M.: All the projects we are working on aim not only at inspiring and suggesting an emotion, but also at guiding users in discovering the brand. Give an actual tour of its ecosystem.

We like to direct traffic to specific channels, as they encourage more creativity and increase the chances of conversion.

Therefore, this translates into a multichannel approach aiming at placing a greater emphasis on creativity in order to better convert the prospect into a customer and why not, into a brand ambassador.

Indeed, we are most of the time contacted for specific issues. However, our approach often involves taking a step back and going beyond communicating on only one channel. This way, we can have a different perspective of the design.

When we meet for a creative briefing, we always include the Art Director and the UX designer. Because for us, creativity as a channel of communication comes both from a concept and from the users' journey and its various activities.

“The measurement of intention is engagement.”

F.H.: What inspired you to have this “artistic intelligence” belief?

P.M.: Most of us (designers) come from the advertising industry and we noticed that in this field, creativity - which is the most important element despite it being usually seen as opposed to conversion and getting a higher ROI. That's why we decided to create R + S, an agency that combines creativity and ROI. An agency that not only understands the consumer’s demand regarding "Brand content", but also meets advertisers’ expectations to create more than “just an image”.It's about ensuring that every investment is profitable in order to retain competitiveness in this ever-changing world.

F.H.: What do you think about the responsive digital approach from nowadays?

P.M.: At Rise + Shine, words like "mobile first" are being handled with care. It is a buzzword and despite what this term implies, we realise that usually the creative staff is in charge only of adapting a desktop design to various formats. However, desktop design applies specific rules and is not meant to be automatically transformed into a mobile one.

One should not forget that nowadays, traffic coming from mobile is steadily increasing comparing to desktop traffic. The mobile experience must be built independently. Most of the sites we design are completely different on mobile than on desktop.

To sum up, this new way of visualising design means creating for the consumer and providing an impactful design on a platform that speaks to him. A "customer centric" type of creativity. And it is thanks to this artistic mindset that we will be able to offer customers an experience that transpires the brand added values.

To be noticed on a competitive marketplace, brands must offer creative and impactful concepts that will improve their consumers' experience and their relationship with the brand.This way, we no longer need to worry about implementing endless strategies because the site itself will naturally generate engagement.

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