The words you think you know, but don't (yet) #2

The words you think you know, but don't (yet) #2

This article is the continuation of the previous part of "The words you think you know, but don’t (yet) #1". If you haven't read it yet, I’d suggest you to already have a look at it!

Well, last time we were about to talk about what SSL refers to. So, I’d suggest to we’d do this now.


First of all, what does this acronym mean? SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer security protocol and allows you to create a secure mean of communication between two machines on the Internet or within internal network.

You did not understand? Well, have you heard of "surfing the web"? Well imagine that Internet is a big spider web and there’s a thread connecting two computers between themselves. Normally a thread can be linked by a dozen other threads. Thanks to SSL, you will have your VIP threadand there will be no bugs bothering you. Isn’t that awesome?

Theoretically, it’s the "s" that follows the "http" that will guarantee that your connection is secure and no one will be able to collect your data when sending it from your site to the server and back.

(By the way, consider spending 249 € / year for the basic package from GlobalSign)

For more information, visit: //


In other words, this would translate through something like a moodboard and it will consist of a collection of images, colors, words, and even fonts.

It is mainly used by a designer to show the universe or theme he wants to use in his creative work. From the client’s point of view, it's rather about checking how high the designer is, but it’s just a matter of how you see things.

It looks like a kind of collage that will be presented to the client, who will have to say whether the suggested mood corresponds to the one he wants or not.

For the curious ones, we wrote an article on design thinkingor “What is artistic intelligence?”


« We are going to make a pépite website ». At R+S, when a job is well done, it means it’s pépite.We can call « pépite » everything that is top notch !

To be honest, we don’t know where it comes from… It’s French for sure, but for the rest...

Let’s work together !

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