The words you think you know, but don't (yet) #3

The words you think you know, but don't (yet) #3

Again, this week we noticed some hesitation from our client’s side. For your info, we know when you act like you understand something. Please note that it's quite normal to not understand words that are beyond your field.

Afterall, if you talk about target, prospect or leads, it doesn't ring a bell to us either (that was a joke).Today we will try to get closer to programming topics. This one area that seems so strange for us - poor muggles - but who’s always there.


The front-end developer is the designer’s best friend. He’s the one who will integrate a .psd (Photoshop) or another format to the site. It mainly uses technologies or languagessuch as:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript 

You do not know what such languages look like? Honestly, HTML is all about "head", "body" and "footer", you’re not missing anything... On a more serious note, it allows us to develop the website’s structure.

As for the CSS, it's like throwing a paint bucket over its structure to redecorate. Let’s call it formatting the site. Javascript, it will allow you to give life to all this by letting you animate the content.

The back-end developer is in charge of the part which is not visible to the user. It is a sort of behind the scenes of the website. Back-end is composed of three parts:

  • Web hosting (the server)
  • The application (here: the website)
  • The database


Back-office corresponds to what we could call the "administrators" part who handles the content management system (CMS) solution such as WordPress.

This part allows to manage multiple elements within a website: the appearance and the settings.

Simply put, everything a website’s made of.

Let’s work together !

You're the boss

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