The world’s n° 1 CRM lead management software (B2B orientation)

The world’s n° 1 CRM lead management software (B2B orientation)

HubSpot: The world’s n° 1 CRM lead management software (B2B orientation)

If you are reading this, it’s probably no surprise that traditional, interruptive marketing is becoming passé. We may not like to admit it to ourselves, but it’s a buyers world, and throwing out impersonal, far-reaching traditional marketing in the hopes that someone takes the bait is just not going to cut it into the future. Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of the stats: According to these findings, “[there are] 200 Million numbers on the Do Not Call list...44% of direct mail is never opened... 86% of people skip TV commercials”.

But, if traditional ‘outbound’ marketing is not the way to go, what is the solution? It’s simple: inbound marketing.


The concept of inbound marketing is straightforward –  the aim is to create high-quality content that attracts customers to your website and then engage with them through landing pages and CTAs (or calls to action) as well as personalized emails and web pages. The aim is to move far away from interrupting buyers, and instead, market to them on a human level.

There are three main stages that potential customers move through in the inbound methodology. They are:

  • Attract: This is where you would create high-quality content, that has been optimized for search engines, in the form of ebooks, blog posts, videos, podcasts (etc.) that provide answers to customers’ questions or provides solutions to their problems. The content should then be promoted through social media channels.
  • Convert: At this stage, the idea is to turn visitors into leads with enticing offers that are placed behind landing pages, and real prospects should have simple CTAs.
  • Delight: This stage is crucial and often overlooked. Here you have an opportunity to delight your customers, and in turn, they may act as referrals. This is the perfect opportunity to collect data on your customers so that you can tailor your services to them even better in the future.

The great news is that you can do all of this by using one piece of trusty inbound marketing and sales software. Enter: HubSpot – the world’s n° 1 CRM lead management software (B2B orientation). This incredible tool helps you with the different stages of the inbound methodology and gets you from attracting customers to closing them. It has all the tools you need to facilitate successful inbound marketing campaigns and has excellent services and support to assist you in becoming an expert in inbound marketing.


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