What do the 3 most popular new year resolutions have in common with your CRM?

What do the 3 most popular new year resolutions have in common with your CRM?


“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right”. Long live Oprah Winfrey, Queen of All Media, Breaker of Records and Mother of Talk Shows! A new year often comes with New Year resolutions where we swear by all the gods - the old and the new ones - that this time it will be different. This time we will make a fresh start, achieve our resolutions and laugh upon our family and friends who did not believe you. “Research” has shown that every year the same resolutions reappear.

We were even able to make a top 3 of most popular New Year resolutions. But what do these have in common with your CRM?


Ah, my personal favourite. Ever since I gained a considerable amount of kilograms during my time at university this has been on the top of my list when thinking about my life changing New Year resolutions.

The same way I should lose some weight, your customer database might need some weight loss as well. Obviously all contacts with incorrect email addresses should not be there. In addition, every database also has a certain amount of inactive users. These are users who do not interact with your company, although you have an opt-in and correct contact details. If you have a big amount of inactive users in your database, they are clouding the results of your campaigns. To be clear, we are not encouraging you to delete these contacts from your database. You should however consider splitting your database between active and inactive users. Use lead scoring to determine who your (in)active users are and adapt your communication to convert inactive users into active users.



Having been the kind of person that always loses his keys and wallet because I never put them in the same place, I admit that getting organised is a tough New Year resolution to live up to. Organising your life is not about buying an agenda or about putting up a shelf for your keys. It’s about forcing yourself to repeat what is successful, time after time.

Per definition, marketing automation is about the automation of your most effective marketing and a new year is the perfect moment for a fresh start. First of all you need to identify the best practices for your company. You can find some general tips and tricks on lead generation in our ebook, so you should determine which ones work best for you. Next you should implement these quick wins and make sure you organise yourself to have them implemented in every new project. Some extra A-B testing won’t harm, but at least make sure your best practice is your starting point and update when necessary. Last but not least, try to set up a buyer’s journey, communication milestones and business rules to apply marketing automation where possible.




Every day on Facebook and Instagram we witness what a wonderful life our friends are having. More and more this is pushing us to feel like we are not living life to the fullest. We feel like we could travel more, be more successful, etc.

Let’s start with the good news, you can do better! First of all you need to change your mindset. You are not sending emails, you are providing a valuable customer experience based on data. No matter what CRM tool you are using, there is always room for improvement. Use the available features of your tool to go from mass mailing to service excellence. A nice design is important, but do not invest too much in pixels. Concentrate on what will benefit your company in the long run; your customer and even more, your customer data.


Each year is a gift that holds hope of new adventures. May your New Year be filled with exploration, discovery and growth. Let’s seize the momentum and use the beginning of 2017 as a fresh start for your marketing automation. We invite you to wake up, think about what you are doing and how you can improve this. Together, let’s achieve your New Year resolutions and let’s Rise and Shine in 2017!

Jens is Account Manager at Rise and Shine Agency. He is responsable for business development and helping companies build an effective online marketing strategy based on their customer data.

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