Why employees are gold-miners for your new Facebook page

Why employees are gold-miners for your new Facebook page

Numerous formerly establish business pages with tons of page likes and reviews suffer a curse of “null interaction”. So your fresh-of-the-oven Facebook page has no hope in Facebook hell...

This article explains why staff members should be your page kick-off ambassadors you are looking for.



Solely Facebook algorithm can make your bright start turn into dead end. If no one interacts with your content then nobody will be able to see it. That is the way Facebook filters valuable content for its community.

Once your posts start collecting clicks, content will appear on users’ newsfeed, which means your reach will start experiencing logarithmic growth.

Meanwhile, newly established Facebook pages’ fan-base obviously hasn’t yet reached its full potential. And all companies face the dilemma of vicious circle. Your content will only be visible on Facebook, if people interact with it. But how come you can drag out interaction from the tumbleweed moment of the page.

People are more likely to interact with their friends. Hereby, your employees come for a rescue. Colleagues will accelerate engagement pull for your content. This first dash will lift your organic reach and become a solid background for further growth.


Reach out employees directly to share your content. If stakeholders with the strongest brand commitment aren’t willing to interact with your content, why should customers even bother. So if the latter is the case, probably you should adjust your content strategy.

Make sure you are not invading your staff privacy. No one has to bear a burden of entire sharing process. Not only they won’t enjoy constant spamming of business content. Their connections on platforms won’t appreciate it either.

Schedule sharing calendar for your employees. So personnel sharing process will be infrequent enough to avoid pressure on your employee network. Posting frequency for 10-employee start-up with 1 monthly post per employee will result to a post for every 3 days. One share per month doesn’t sound quite bothering for your employee or does it?


Valuable content is our gold mine to dig for traffic. But users do get tired from constant educational posts, so entertain them. Users have much more in common than just being your customers and endlessly searching for their problem solving tools.

Mine for their background and interests. Personified pages have more engagement. As people are eager to interact with other people, not enterprises.

People are more likely to interact with content related to their condition. So make sure your content is not always directly limited with your industry domain.

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