Why your blog posts go unnoticed

Why your blog posts go unnoticed

You have created a wonderful piece of content to be published via distribution channels with their tremendous “shareability” potential. It’s about time for your creation to start generating immense traffic flows, and make your servers go down. And in the end, it will boost up your sales!But something went wrong and you believe your content deserves a bigger audience scope?High-rocket your traffic generation by following 3 content marketing strategies:

  1. 1. Target Audience Segmentation

Being a content marketing guru, it’s no surprise, you’ve identified your target reader’s treats and preferences, but TAS goes beyond this! There is no reason in offering a hen to a lady, while she’s looking for eggs to make a scramble.

Ask yourself following questions:

1. Are potential readers ready for what you are providing?
2. Does your content address the challenges they face?

To easily figure out what’s going on, we come back to a well-knownConsumer Decision Journey developed by McKinsey. The framework illustrates 4 phases of consumer’s decision-making process.

By incorporating your audience’s needs with each stage of CDJ you can customize your content respectively:

• Initial consideration is a triggering phase in which consumers see the symptoms of the challenge they are facing and try to diagnose it.

Advice: At this point, your content should be descriptive and educational, meanwhile not overloading readers with complex terminologies.

• Researching implies to the fact that your customers are aware of the problem they face and search for the options to solve it. At this stage your readers have a solid grasp of their challenge. But they are facing a choice dilemma.

Advice: Perfect time for a helpful buddy to show up. Help them to evaluate all pros and cons. Your business case, reviews and expertise might be handy at this stage!

• Closure takes place when customer is about to come up with a clear choice to solve their problem. This stage is worth all your efforts. Turn on business shark mode!

Advice: Show that you’re that golden mine they are digging for.

• Post-purchase is a final phase of the journey. After having purchased a product, consumers build their expectations based on experience. They want to experience the limits of your product.

Advice: Make sure they are informed about new expansions of your services. Meanwhile, don’t forget to improve your current user experience. Make their exploitation journey effortless. At this point you can be more interactive as consumers are generating content for you!

R+S agency has built a Content Fit Matrix to help you in segmenting your content for each stage of CDJ:

Always question yourself whether your content is what readers are looking for at their stage of the CDJ.

So ... the lady will buy your hen, if you catch the right timing!

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