Why your business should opt for "Double opt-in"

Why your business should opt for "Double opt-in"

While running Email campaigns, you undoubtedly stumbled upon Email spam filter issues. It's time to secure your deliveries as from the first interaction with prospects.

By using opt-in you prove that your mailing relationship with recipients has credentials. This technique definitely lessens spam complaints, however it won’t shield you from other mailing traps.

Follow our tips to keep your contact list clean!


Single opt-in is the first micro-step in getting to know your visitor. Your database is replenished with brand new email contact straight after they complete the form. However, bearing a risk of getting contact typos and inactive emails is inevitable. Consequently, heightened spam filter scores will doom your emailing campaign.

Mail check, as a first sight solution, will offer suggestions for top and second level domains, if typed incorrectly. It will definitely cut down a share of mistyped addresses, but won’t save you from mail bots and frozen mailing.


Double opt-in requires users to validate their Email contact as proof of its viability. This helps to avoid nurturing your database with dead contacts.

Introducing Email verification may make user experience burdensome, as they are required to make additional steps to become a subscriber. Turn this process into additional call to action with a reward upon completion. So prospects will regard a validation procedure as a road to getting a valuable offer.

No doubts, double opt-in will slow down the growth of database, comparing to single opt-in. Smaller contact list by means of excluding inactive emails gives you more flexibility and cleanliness. Moreover, an additional step made by a prospect is a fair sign of greater concern.

Just a presence of double opt-in is a fair reason for spam filters to reassure that you are growing your customer base organically.


1. First sight of interaction with your prospect is incorporated through subscription form. Upon completion don’t forget to notify users about validation of their email account.

If you don’t want your notification to look imperative. Relocate your downloadable reward to prospects' inbox. And whether they have downloaded it will tell you if an email is active or not. You literally don’t ask them to “confirm” their email, but any responsive activity (download an offer) proves the contact is credible.

2. A confirmation letter should contain a button for a user to confirm their intention of following your newsletters. In case you prepared an offer for your prospect, it’s a right moment to include it. Make the letter free of any additional features to focus on CTA.

Keep in mind, if a prospect opened an email, but haven’t pressed the CTA (and received a valuable present), the process is not considered to be finished. Consequently, a contact is not yet confirmed.

If a confirmation message wasn’t delivered to prospect, they left wrong details and the procedure should be redone.

3. Thank you page. Don’t forget to acknowledge efforts of your prospects by redirecting them to thank you page after they press on confirmation button. Moreover, you admit that they did all that was required. Make sure, your prospects are aware of unique benefits they will get from subscription.

For example: Mailchimp, as an Email marketing SaaS leader will easily let you put strategy on automated practice.

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