Outstanding results, with some metrics improved by as much as 9x

The company wanted to rethink its marketing approach in order to achieve more differentiation. The case can be downloaded below!


Brussels, 16 October 2018

Rise + Shine Agency, a leading data-driven marketing agency specializing in traffic generation, audience engagement, and conversion to sales for its clients, today reported it has received the prestigious Gold Benelux Selligent Award for its vacature.com direct marketing campaign. Every year, an international jury of Marketing Automation Experts rewards the most effective consumer-centric marketing campaigns. It recognizes outstanding examples of strategy, innovation, creativity, execution and performance. This award is recognition that Rise +Shine agency has proven to be ahead of the competition in Consumer-First Marketing. Vacature.com operates in the highly competitive job search market. The company wanted to rethink its marketing approach in order to achieve more differentiation. The case can be downloaded below!

“Ironically, every Rise + Shine presentation starts with a slide saying, ‘We don’t aim to win awards,’” said Michel Demoor, Managing Partner for Strategy at Rise + Shine. “And it’s exactly this agency attitude that is key to winning in the long term. What matters to us are the results we can achieve for our clients, not a Cannes Lions nomination. We don’t need a jury to tell us if we’re doing a good job! Everyone around the table during a steering committee meeting with our client can see how we are performing.” He concluded, “Nevertheless, everyone at Rise + Shine is very proud to receive this recognition.”


Today, vacature.com is the only player in the job search market who is able to extend its targeting to profiles who are passively looking for a new job (e.g. engineers wishing to work closer to home but waiting for the right opening at a specific company). It is possible for vacature.com to target these latent job seekers with hyper-personalised opportunities thanks to its access to a widespread media network beyond job search (Persgroep), and thanks to its knowledge of the specific job that will trigger a latent job seeker. For vacature.com’s clients, this translates into access to a wide pool of highly sought-after profiles.

The results of the cooperation with vacature.com clearly demonstrate that this approach – and the use of personalized marketing – is highly effective. The campaign designed by Rise + Shine for the company achieved:

  • 3x increase in open rate, from 17% to 52%;
  • 2x increase in email click rate, from 25% to 55%;
  • A huge drop in unsubscribes, from 200 to 300 per email to only 1 to 10 per email;
  • 4x improvement in clicks on personalized career advice;
  • 9x better click rate on recommended jobs;
  • 2x better employer branding.


“Rise + Shine understands the essential combination of data and beautiful marketing. They provide a fresh view and create simple insights on how to move forward fast. Plus, they have the right technical skills and experience to make it happen. We have been delighted with the results we have achieved working with them, and the Consumer-First Marketing award – one of the most prestigious awards offered by Selligent – is truly deserved.” -Ruben Van Goethem, Business Manager of vacature.com.


Rise and Shine is a data-driven marketing agency, specialised in traffic generation, audience engagement, and conversion to sales. Its portfolio includes D’Ieteren, HP, Highco DATA, Axa, Brico & BricoPlanit, Het Belang van Limburg, Bellerose, Tom&Co, Takeda, vacature.com and many more. The team adds a personal touch to marketing by finding quality prospects, nurturing leads 1-on-1, and following-up on purchase behavior of existing clients.


Michel Demoor
Managing partner in Strategy
Anytime: 0496048941

Jean Durand
Managing partner in Technology

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