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Audi asked R+S Agency to create a strategy to generate digital traffic into more sales during the Brussels Motor Show

In brief

Every year, true Belgians go to find their future car at the Brussels Motor Show (BMS). For the 95th edition, BMS 2017, there was a record number of 435,000 unique visitors!

BMS is a 100,000m2 paradise for every car lover. And it is a huge opportunity for car brands. The most successful brands achieve around 20-25% of their annual sales target in just one month.

For this huge motor show, Audi asked R+S Agency to think about a new strategy that would convert more digital (anonymous) traffic into (identified) Audi leads. Moreover, we wanted to register the leads' models of preference, and follow up the consumer journey individually.


  • Generate more (sales) leads during the BMS

  • Identify web visitor

  • Create Audi brand moments before, during and after the BMS

  • Follow up the consumer journey on-by-one

  • Guide new leads into the diversified Audi assortment (education)

  • Register model of preference


01 Emailing

Audi attracts millions of web visitors during the BMS. All have one goal in common: finding Audi's special BMS rates.

Since Audi has a large range of 16 different car models, customers need assistance to find the car that best suits their needs. Thanks to the agency’s custom-made Model Selector, finding the perfect car is a piece of cake.

The anonymous visitors become leads as they reveal contact information and model preference. After this, we know exactly how to target them.

02 Landing

Model Selector - image 01
Model Selector - image 02
Model Selector - image 03
Model Selector - image 04
Model Selector - image 05


Selligent + Salesforce marketing automation

The Model Selector starts by asking (or pre-filling) the e-mail address. During the experience, all of the lead’s actions are being stored to their profile in the marketing database.

As soon as the lead has revealed their model preference(s), Audi brand e-mails are being triggered and sent automatically. Each of the brand e-mails enriches the perception of Audi and includes a call-to-action to take the next step.

At each moment, we can select a part of the database with a certain preference and/or within a certain phase in the journey. This can be used to (re-)target the leads with a personal message.

  • Selligent
  • Salesforce
Strategy image


Audi attire des millions de visiteurs sur son site internet pendant le BMS. Tous viennent avec une idée en tête : trouver les conditions salon d'Audi à l'occasion du BMS.

Étant donné qu'Audi possède une vaste gamme composée de 16 modèles de voiture différents, les clients ont besoin d'aide pour trouver la voiture qui corresponde à leurs besoins. Grâce au Sélecteur de modèle développé par l'agence, trouver la voiture parfaite est un véritable jeu d'enfant.

Les visiteurs anonymes deviennent des clients potentiels une fois qu'ils révèlent leurs coordonnées et leur préférence de modèle. Grâce à ces informations, nous pouvons savoir exactement comment les cibler.

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