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Guillaume Duval, the communication agency of AXA bank and AXA insurances, recommended R+S agency to AXA. We were asked to translate the Above The Line Concept (ATL) into a digital strategy for following up on leads created at the Brussels Motorshow and via media buying.

In brief

Every year, true Belgians go to find their future car at the Brussels Motor Show (BMS). For the 95th edition, BMS 2017, there was a record number of 435,000 unique visitors!

BMS is a 100,000m² paradise for every car lover. It is a huge opportunity for car brands, but also for other companies related to automotive.

AXA, mainly active in banking and insurances, participates to the buzz around the BMS to present its products related to cars. On the one hand there’s the AXA car insurance, and on the other hand the AXA car loan.

R+S suggested a daring and relevant strategy to attract a maximum of prospects through interactive solutions.


  • Creating AXA brand moments before, during and after the BMS

  • Guiding the prospect to visit an AXA agent

  • Creating a flow to start and maintain the relation with qualified prospects.

  • Collecting prospect data

  • Generating AXA leads during the BMS


There’s a lot of competition in banking and insurances, and companies need to prove on a daily basis that they are innovative in communicating their offers.AXA did not want a hit-and-run event. They decided to make most of the touch points that were created during the BMS campaign.This is exactly the moment where R+S intervenes. We advised on how to capture data on site (at the motorshow) and online (via digital campaigns). Every prospect qualified for AXA products and we captured interest in car loans and/or car insurances.

The follow-up campaign was divided into 4 waves. A first Email was sent immediately after the contact was captured, and provided the promotional offer of the BMS. The second Email was sent after the BMS to remind the prospect that the offer was ending soon. The third Email was to inform on whether you had won or lost the contest (including a link to the offer). And the fourth Email informed the prospects that the contest had been prolonged due to huge success (very last chance for everyone!).



All initial data was stored immediately in the Selligent marketing database making use of Selligent forms.

Based on the interests of the prospect, different flows or scenarios were activated to follow-up in a personal manner.

Moreover, at each and every moment, additional segmented campaigns could be performed on groups of prospects that behave similarly.

  • Selligent
Strategy image


Building a relationship with AXA prospects

The strategy included the official permission from prospects to receive promotional offers on the products of their interest. As a result, the reactivity was a lot higher than traditional marketing.

Our goal was to get prospects to make an appointment with AXA agents nearby.

Moreover, the entire flow is reusable for future events and digital campaigns. The advantage of marketing automation is that it survives more than 1 campaign, 1 year, 1 BMS…

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